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1031 – 6th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 4K5
Phone: 204-729-3100
Fax: 204-727-2217


If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you do not have to pay to send your children to public school. Parents can also choose to place their children in private schools. Public schools are paid by taxes while private schools are supported partly by government grants and partly by tuition fees paid by parents. 


Parents in Manitoba are encouraged to become involved in their children's education. Most schools invite parents to join parent councils. The councils organize special programs and events, fundraise for the school, and give advice on school needs and priorities. Parents are also invited to discuss any concerns with the teachers and principals.


 Most children in Manitoba start school when they are five years old. They go to kindergarten for half a day during the first year then full days from Grade one to twelve. The school year runs from September to June each year.  English is the main language of instruction with some schools also offering instruction in French. If you would like more information about the school system in Manitoba, please visit


The Brandon School Division has approximately 8,229 students and 1,141 staff members. It encompasses 22 schools, 19 of which are located within the City of Brandon. There are three (3) high schools and 19 early and middle year schools in the Brandon School Division. French Immersion programming is offered from K-12 at four (4) division schools, École O’Kelly School at CFB Shilo, École New Era School, École Harrison and École Secondaire Neelin High School. The division also offers Vocational Training, at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School.


 The School Division is governed by a board of locally elected trustees, therefore there is a great deal of accountability to the people they serve. Board meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month with exception being made in July, August and December. All meetings are open and the public is always welcome. Please visit the Brandon School Division webpage at to find out more.


 Extra-curricular sports and school activities such as choir, band, drama, academic skill contests, clubs and volunteer groups are an important part of the social portion of the school system.  Brandon schools offer organized sports teams as a means of building school pride and student engagement.  Sports offered include badminton, basketball, baseball, curling, fastball, football, golf, hockey, rugby, soccer, track & field, volleyball and many others. 


 Information for New Residents 


 To Register During the School Year:  Students are requested to appear at their catchment area school.  Assistance with catchment school identification is available from the School Division Administration Office, telephone 204-729-3104.


Measles Immunization:  A regulation of the Manitoba Department of Health requires that each student have an immunization form filled out and signed by a medical doctor or registered nurse stating that the student has been immunized for measles.  For more information contact the Prairie Mountain Health Public Health Unit at 204-571-8374.


School Catchment Areas:  Kindergarten to Grade 8 students are requested to enroll at their neighborhood school. Kindergarten to Grade 8 French Immersion is offered at École New Era School in Brandon and Kindergarten to Grade 4 at École O’Kelly School on CFB Shilo.  Grades 9 to 12 French Immersion is offered at École Secondaire Neelin High School, Brandon.  Grades 9 to 12 vocational programming is offered at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School.  Assistance with school identification is available from the Brandon School Division Administration Office, 204-729-3104.


Division Boundaries:  The Brandon School Division encompasses the entire City of Brandon, CFB Shilo and portions of each of the following municipalities:  Cornwallis, Daly, Elton, Oakland, North Cypress, South Cypress, Whitehead.  It is necessary to know the Section, Township & Range to determine if property outside the City limits is within the boundaries of the Brandon School Division; this information can be obtained from the appropriate Municipal Office.  It is also important that you check with the Superintendent’s Office 204-729-3104 to confirm if your property falls within Brandon School Division boundaries.


English as an Additional Language (EAL) language support

Students in Grades 4 to 8 (ages 9-13) are able to receive specialized English as an Additional Language (EAL) language support at the Learning Centre at Betty Gibson School, New Era School, or Riverview School for grades K-6; King George School, Meadows School, or Waverly Park School for grades 5-8. The Learning Centres provide specialized small group instruction to children to assist the students in learning English.

Students in Grades 9-12 (ages 13-21) are able to receive specialized EAL support at Crocus Plains, Neelin High School or Vincent Massey High School.  The EAL support teachers at our high schools provide small group instruction to assist students in learning English. The teachers also provide academic support to EAL learners in regular courses at the high school.

Brandon School Division will register K-12 EAL students at the Registration Centre located at 1031—6th Street. Please call 204-729-3100 for the date and time of registrations. You are welcome to bring your child(ren) to this appointment.  You will be required to provide your child(ren)’s legal name, age, address and parent contact information. Please bring this information with you to register. 


 Transportation of Students:


 Inside Brandon City Limits

Grades K-6 students living within the City and having more than 1.6 kilometers to walk in order to reach the designated school attended shall be provided with school bus transportation service.

Grades 7- Senior 4 students living within the City and having more than 2.4 kilometers to walk in order to reach the designated school attended shall be provided with school bus transportation service.                        


Outside Brandon City Limits

Students residing more than 1.6 kilometers from school are eligible for transportation to and from school.  NOTE:  Other exceptions apply.

For further details regarding eligibility for transportation please check with the Supervisor of Transportation – 204-729-3975.



Academic Learning Support


 Language Development Program:  To provide intensive diagnostic teaching and the development of effective educational programs and learning environments for elementary age students.


Reading Recovery Program:  Reading Recovery is an early intervention program designed to reduce reading failure.  Children who demonstrate the lowest achievements in literacy learning after one year at school are selected for the program.


Life Skills


Early Years:  For students aged 6-10.  To help students reach their full potential, with an emphasis on functional academic and communication skills.


Middle Years:  For students aged 11-14.  To help students reach their full potential, with an emphasis on functional academic skills.


Senior Life Skills:  For students aged 15-21.  To help students reach their full potential, with an emphasis on functional academic skills.  Vocational skills are also emphasized.


Developmental Education


Primary, Junior and Senior Learning Assistance:  The learning assistance classes offer a modified academic program which accommodates individual needs and encourages students to progress at the level of their ability.


Community Transition (CT):  The Community Transition program accommodates young adults between 14 and 21 years of age.  The program is community based and “real life” oriented.  The main focus is to assist each student in independent skills, functional academics and vocational training.


Student Support Program (SSP)


Elementary:Is designed to assist students from Grades 1-6 who are having significant emotional / behavioral difficulties coping in the classroom.

Middle Years: Is designed to assist students from Grades 7 & 8 who are having significant emotional/behavioral difficulties coping in the classroom.


Senior Years: Is designed to assist students from Senior I – 4 who are having significant emotional/behavioral difficulties coping in the classroom.



Student Support Services:


Visually-Impaired Student Support:  To provide support for students and their teachers who are significantly visually impaired.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Support:  To work with the school personnel, parents, and students as part of a school team to provide support and services for students who have been diagnosed as hard of hearing.


School Therapy Services:  Occupational and Physiotherapy:  To bring occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to the students, not the student to the service, and to assist the students to participate as fully as possible in his/her educational program.


Native Education Counselor:  The Native Education counselor’s primary role is to assist native students who are experiencing difficulties.


School Psychologists:  The school psychologist is involved with the assessment and treatment of students with educational, emotional and behavioral difficulties.


Social Workers:  The Social worker provides assessment and treatment services to individuals, families and groups, as well as support to schools in general.


Speech-Language Pathologists:  The speech-language pathologist assesses communication needs in the area of articulation, phonology, language, stuttering and voice disorders.  Therapy programs are then designed to meet the needs of the student. They also provide preschool speech and language services through the Language Enrichment and Preschool Speech (LEAPS) program.


The Brandon School Division Schools







Box 21, Alexander



Betty Gibson

701 - 12th Street



Crocus Plains

1930 - 1st Street


9-12, SSP, CT

Earl Oxford

540 - 18th Street


K-8, Primary, Junior & Senior Learning Assistance

George Fitton

1129 - 3rd Street


K-5; Primary Life Skills & Learning Assistance

Green Acres

335 Queens Ave. E.



École Harrison

415 Queens Avenue


6-8, Senior Learning Assistance

J.R. Reid

813-26th Street



King George

535 Park Street


K-8; Middle Years SSP

Kirkcaldy Heights

10 Knowlton Drive



Linden Lanes

49 Silverbirch Drive




1220 - 22nd Street



Neelin High

1020 Brandon Ave.


9-12; English & French Immersion

Senior Life Skills & Community Access

New Era

527 Louise Avenue


K-6 English K-8 French Immersion


Box 70, CFB Shilo


K-8 English K-4 French Immersion


32E. Fotheringham Dr.


K-8; Middle Years Life Skills


1105 Louise Avenue E.


K-6; Primary & Junior Learning Assistance Classes

St. Augustine

308 Lorne Avenue



Spring Valley

Spring Valley
Hutterite Colony




65 Whillier Drive



Vincent Massey

715 McDiarmid Drive


9-12; SSP, CT

Waverly Park

3800 Park Avenue



    SSP – Student Support Program  CT – Community Transition


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City of Brandon
410-9th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6A2
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